The Founding of the Association

The Agape Association for Married and Single Women was founded on April 8, 1922 in Mithimna, Lesbos.

It was founded to respond to pressing needs in difficult times. The Greek army had advanced deeply into Turkey in the attempt to regain territory settled by Greeks in Asia Minor. Soldiers from Mithimna were engaged in battle, and our town was deeply affected. The men were gone, and the women considered it their responsibility to support their relatives who were fighting and the struggle of their country.

These were also difficult days for those left behind in Mithimna. The normal rhythms of life had been interrupted by the war, and people in Mithimna were suffering from poverty and hunger. Many of the villagers were in need of food, clothing, and money to meet basic needs. The Mithimna women considered it their responsibility to support their neighbors who were struggling to survive on a daily basis.

The founding members were

Σύλλογος Κυριών και Δεσποινίδων Μήθυμνας "Η Αγάπη"

E. Sotiriadou
X. Koutzabasi
M. K. Kepetzi
Eleni A. Kanarachou
Despoina Dimou


Below is a copy of the original founding document.

Πρακτικόν Αριθ. 1 - Ίδρυσις του συλλόγου lightbox[]Πρακτικόν Αριθ. 1 - Ίδρυσις του συλλόγου